Hampton Bishop Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood planning is a key part of the Localism Act. It gives local communities greater power to shape development by having a direct role in the development of planning policies at a local level.

Within Herefordshire, neighbourhood planning can only be undertaken by town and parish councils, with Herefordshire Council providing technical support and assistance and making necessary decisions at key stages.

Table 1 Herefordshire Council composite LK 200718

Table 2 Responses from Statutory Bodies PCs LK 200718

Table 3 local residents and developers LK200718

2018 Hampton Bishop Draft NDP for Reg 14

NDP Representation Form

2018 NDP Hampton_Bishop_Env_Report_Mar18

2018 Hampton_Bishop_HRA_Report

Hampton Bishop HRA Report March 2018

This map was adopted as the settlement area boundary for the Hampton Bishop Neighbourhood Plan, as adopted at a meeting of the Parish Council on 16th June 2016. .
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Planning Policy Assessment and Evidence Base Review (V2 Feb 2016)

Notes of a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting 4th November

Notes of a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting 5th August

Notes of a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting 3rd February

Hampton Bishop Neighbourhood Plan Timetable