Hampton Bishop Neighbourhood Plan Timetable


Time Table

The entire process is estimated to take between 12 and 18 months. Below is a detailed diary of tasks by stages which will need estimated dates alongside to guide the process.

Stage 1 – Defining The Area

The Plan will cover the entire Parish. An application to carry out NDP has been submitted to Herefordshire Council. The Parish Council is responsible for its production with the help of the Steering Group made up of Cllrs & volunteers from the parish.

Stage 2 – Preparing the Plan

This stage begins the Consultation phase and involves the entire community.  We will collect views and opinions from parishioners together with collating relevant policies and data from Herefordshire Council. This will include discussions with key groups, community organisations, landowners etc. and production of a questionnaire to focus plan objectives. Based upon this consultation we will prepare a Vision for the parish laying out our Objectives in the form of a Draft Plan

Stage 3 – Submission of the Plan:

We are required to submit our Draft Plan to Herefordshire Council. It must include a:

a) Proposals Map showing the area covered.
b) Consultation statement.
c) Statement showing how the Plan meets all legal and procedural requirements.

Following a six week consultation period, Herefordshire Council will then decide whether our plan is ready to go forward to the Examination Stage

Stage 4 – Independent Examination:

Draft Plan will be examined by an Independent Examiner who will decide:

  1. Plan can move to referendum
  2. or need Minor modifications before proceeding to Referendum
  3. or, Refusal Confirmation by Herefordshire Council

Stage 5 – Referendum:

The Referendum will be arranged and paid for by Herefordshire Council. All those on electoral roll and living within the parish will be eligible to vote. The Plan will require a simple majority of those voting to be in favour before adoption.

Stage 6 – Adoption:

Becomes part of Local Development Plan having Equal force with Herefordshire County’s Local Plan