Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting 4th November

Notes of a meeting held on Monday 4th November at 7.00 pm in the Village Hall

PRESENT – Three local residents, Parish Clerk & Ward Councillor.

1. Apologies for absence were received from:
Nick Layton, Eddie Luxton, Ron Hutton, Barbara Kerr.

2. Notes of previous meeting: 14.10.13: Agreed as a true record.

3. Planning application for 95 (now up to 120 houses)

3.1 The application was discussed and the following issues raised:
3.1.1 It was considered likely that the proposed development would exacerbate current flooding issues in the village.
3.1.2 Road safety would be an issue with three schools off access road.
3.1.3 Members of the Steering Group had attended the pre-application public exhibition on 11th September and voiced their concerns.
3.1.4 It was noted that the application would be discussed at the PC meeting on 28th November.

4. Design principles in relation to future development

4.1 It was agreed that advice would be required on this aspect.
4.2 In general, the village was a mixture of different types of development and members were flexible on design aspects.

5. Communication strategy

5.1 NP Newsletter to be agreed by PC on 28th November & circulated to all households.
5.2 Newsletter to be used to inform & invite the following interest groups:
5.2.1 Farmers, Environment Agency, Nature Trust, local businesses.
5.3 Group members would be invited to lead on:
5.3.1 Website information, Facebook ,Twitter.

6. Date of next meeting: Monday 18th November.

7. Future meetings: If possible, every other week on a Monday at 7.30 pm.