Minutes 24th January 2019

Minutes of a Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 24th January 2019 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall

Present: Councillors Steve Hunt (Chairman), Mark Frankland, Susan Marr and Norman White.
In attendance: Parish Clerk: Lynda Wilcox. Ward Councillor: John Hardwick. 9 members of the public

1. Apologies for absence were received from Julia Pearson and Jamie Rogers.

2. Declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation … There were none.

3. Co-option of one councillor to fill current vacancy … No applications received.

4. Open Session
4.1 A brief verbal report from Ward Councillor John Hardwick, included:
4.1.1 Plans to utilise £277k of Section 106 monies at Mordiford School included a drop-off area, turning point and car park. Dormington & Mordiford PC had also requested a barrier at the entrance for child safety purposes.
4.1.2 Elections were to take place for Herefordshire Councillors on 2nd May.
4.1.3 82 Neighbourhood Plans were currently carrying weight re planning matters.
4.1.4 Several senior planning officers had recently left the council and others had moved up in the senior positions, including Kelly Gibbons as head of major development.
4.1.5 A collapsed culvert had been identified in Church Lane.
4.1.6 Herefordshire Council’s budget for 2019/20 was under consideration and 60 parish councillors had attended an event at the Shire Hall.
4.2 Views of local residents on parish matters, included:
4.2.1 There was a query about whether the PC’s Standing Orders were on the website … the Clerk would double check.
4.2.2 A family which had recently moved into the village by the Bunch of Carrots was concerned at the speed of traffic when accessing and exiting their property.
4.2.3 In response to a query on the findings of the SID (Speed Indicator Device) , Mark Frankland gave a summary of recent data from the SID:
89% of vehicles were travelling under 40mph, 8% between 41mph & 45mph, 2% between 46mph & 50mph and 2% over 50 mph. There was still a record of a vehicle travelling at around 70mph. The Clerk would put the speed data on the website.

5. Minutes of the previous meeting … 29.11.18.
It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes as a true record and they were signed by the Chairman.

6. Village Maintenance
6.1 It was RESOLVED to pay R.J. & J.R. for mowing of the orchard on 13th June 2018 for the Village Fete.
6.2 Discussion on the 2019/20 ditching work in liaison with local landowners was postponed until the next meeting when Jamie Rogers would hopefully be present. It was noted that ditch/hedge work alongside the parish paddock might need to be undertaken in the very near future and the Clerk was delegated to work with the Chairman and Norman White to authorise such work.

7. Finance
7.1 The purchase and set up of the new PC laptop was noted. The cost had been covered by a Government grant of £550.
7.2 Payment of the Clerk’s December (£204.17) and January (£204.17) salaries was noted plus a payment of £153 to HMRC.
7.3 It was RESOLVED to pay Autela £48.26 for payroll services.

8. Planning
8.1 The following applications (to be determined by Herefordshire Council) were supported:
8.1.1 Application 184650 … Triangular parcel of land South of Lower House Farm, Ledbury Road, Hereford. Full application for residential development of custom built dwellings and associated works.
8.1.2 Application 183893 … Whitehall Lodge, Whitehall Road, Hampton Bishop. Propose to pollard Weeping Willow. Leylandii to be removed and reduce height of 5 x Scotch Firs.
8.1.3 Application 190113 … Woodbine Farm, Hampton Bishop. Proposed general pruning and thinning of apple and plum trees.
8.2 The following planning permissions granted by Herefordshire Council were noted:
8.2.1 Land at Wye Cottages, Hampton Bishop. Proposed development of 1 no. dwelling with garage and associated parking & turning.
8.2.2 Application P183579/J … Lambourne House, 2 The Orchards, Hampton Bishop. Reduction of canopy by 20% of two Yew trees.
8.3 The following Certificate of Lawful Use or Development was noted:
8.3.1 Proposed single storey rear extension … 12 Mantella Drive, Hereford.

9. Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)
9.1 It was RESOLVED to agree with Kirkwells’ comments on the Reg.16 responses. It was noted that the Clerk had applied for a Government grant to cover both the final stage invoice from Kirkwells @ £875.00 and printing of the finalised NDP.
9.2 It was noted that the the NDP was currently under consideration by the parish council’s preferred Planning Inspector – Ann Skippers. The Clerk commented that a referendum on the final document would not be able to take place until May at the earliest because of the Purdah period leading up to elections on the 2nd of May.

10. Footpaths
10.1 The Footpaths Officer, George Kerr, would be standing down from the role and an item would be put on the March agenda. A local resident present at the meeting expressed an interest in the role.
10.2 It was RESOLVED to accept a quotation from Willis Horticare for repairs to two finger posts at a cost of £64.00.

11. Information Items … The following was noted:
11.1 Balfour Beatty had patched 5 potholes on near Whitehall Road.
11.2 West Mercia Police were offering presentations on crime reduction. The Clerk would invite their speaker to attend the Annual Parish Meeting.
11.3 Hereford Transport Package preview event for PCs on 28.1.19. 17.00-19.00.
11.4 Herefordshire Council Chairman’s Community Awards Scheme … poster on noticeboard.

12. Items raised for the next meeting:
12.1 Village Hall hire payments … additional for 2018/19 and advance payment for 2019/20.
12.2 Hedging work alongside parish land.

13. Date of next scheduled meeting … noted as 28th March 2019.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.20 pm