Minutes 26th July 2018

Minutes of a scheduled meeting of the Parish Council held on Thursday 26th July 2018 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall

Councillors: Steve Hunt (Chairman), Mark Frankland, Jamie Rogers, Norman White.

In attendance: Lynda Wilcox – Parish Clerk. Ward Councillor John Hardwick. 36 members of the public.

1. Apologies for absence had been received from Julia Pearson & Tim Pattison.

2. Declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation
2.1 Jamie Rogers declared a DPI (Disclosable Pecuniary Interest) in agenda item 7.

3. Open Session
3.1 Ward Councillor John Hardwick’s verbal report included:

3.2 Views of local residents on parish matters included:
3.2.1 Request for an update on delivery of material for anaerobic digester at Court Farm in relation to the proposed new road with access on to A438 Ledbury Road. Cllr Hardwick reported that the landowner was in discussion with Herefordshire Council concerning landscaping matters.
3.2.2 Siting of the SID … The Chairman had received an on-site demonstration by a SID supplier from Bristol but the product was not suitable for requirements including the fact that it was not solar powered. The clerk would contact other suppliers and ask Tarrington PC about the supplier of their SID.
3.2.3 The Police had been informed of the number plate of a car which had recently skidded off the road within the village. The Ward Councillor commented that the long-standing parish council request for speed reduction measures within the village had reached the top of Herefordshire Council’s list and was now being implemented.
3.2.4 The ditch on the corner of Daggy Powell’s lane had not yet been dug out. Jamie Rogers would make a site visit.
3.2.5 A local resident raised concerns about agenda item 6 in relation to noise nuisance. In response, the event organiser reported that although the legal entitlement was for 28 events per annum only about half a dozen exclusive ‘high end’ events would actually be held and she was willing to discuss any concerns with local residents.
Music would only be played until midnight and in order to minimise noise impact to local residents, hay bales could be used as baffle and the speakers could be turned away from the village. The local resident requested that the Ward Councillor look into the matter.

4. Minutes of previous meetings: It was RESOLVED to adopt the following two sets of minutes which were signed by the Chairman as true records:
4.1 31st May.
4.2 12th July.

5. Finance … It was RESOLVED to make/endorse payments 5.1-5.4:
5.1 Payroll for June £204.17 & July £204.17.
5.2 HALC photocopying for NDP £32.30.
5.3 River Lugg Internal Drainage Board annual payment of £14.58.
5.4 Payments under delegated powers were noted as:
5.4.1 HMRC … £153.00.
5.4.2 Autela Payroll Services £46.80.
5.5 Replacement fencing & vegetation cut-back around village hall … £120. The Clerk reminded councillors that maintenance of fencing and shrubs was the responsibility of the Villagers’ Association under the lease arrangements but the parish council could choose to override the lease conditions and fund the cost. It was RESOLVED that the £120 be funded by the parish council.

6. Planning … To consider a local resident’s concern over new wedding venue at Whitehall Farm … See discussion under 3.2.4 above.

7. Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)
7.1 Councillors considered the three charts containing comments from the Regulation 14 formal consultation together with advice from the parish council’s planning consultants, Kirkwells.
It was RESOLVED to submit all comments proposed by Kirkwells without change, apart from strengthening the wording of Policy HB10 (page 15 of Table 3) along the following lines:
7.1.1 “Any development in areas of high and high medium landscape sensitivity on the urban fringe of the City of Hereford must be avoided in order to protect both the rural and historic character of the Parish and the visually unique approaches to Hereford from Lugwardine and Mordiford. The planting of trees within the urban fringe area of the Parish is strongly encouraged to assist with reduction of excess surface water. Trees and orchards are preferred to large areas of grassland. Existing trees should be protected wherever possible”.
7.2 Members noted the views of the NDP Working Group meeting held on 5th June.

8. Footpaths … The Footpaths Officer had not items to report.

9. Items raised for the next scheduled meeting … No matters were raised.

10. The date of the next scheduled meeting was noted as 27th September 2018.
NB: Remaining meeting date 2018 … 29th November.

Minutes of an Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held on Thursday 30th August 2018 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall

Councillors: Steve Hunt, Julia Pearson, Jamie Rogers and Norman White.

In attendance: Parish Clerk … Lynda Wilcox and seven members of the public.

1. Apologies for absence were received from Mark Frankland & Tim Pattison
1.1 The Ward Councillor, John Hardwick was unable to attend.

2. Declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation
There were none.

3. Neighbourhood Development Plan
3.1 Members considered the following documents and RESOLVED to adopt each one of them, (subject to any minor editorial amendments) for submission to Herefordshire Council for their formal Regulation 16 consultation process:

3.1.1 Final Submission NDP document … Proposed by Steve Hunt, seconded by Norman White and carried unanimously.

3.1.2 Basic Conditions Statement … Proposed by Julia Pearson, seconded by Jamie Rogers and carried unanimously.

3.1.3 Consultation Statement … Proposed by Julia Pearson, seconded by Norman White and carried unanimously.

3.1.4 Tables showing regulation 14 consultation comments … Proposed by Steve Hunt, seconded by Norman White and carried unanimously.

4. Date of next scheduled meeting … Noted as Thursday 27th September