Minutes Thursday 30th January 2014

Hampton Bishop Parish Council

Minutes of a meeting held on Thursday 30th January 2014
at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall

Councillors: Norman White (Chairman), Barbara Kerr, George Kerr, Julia Pearson, Steve Hunt.
In attendance: Parish Clerk – Lynda Wilcox. Ward Councillor John Hardwick.
Nine local residents.

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE were accepted from Phil Rogers & Howard Townson.



3.1 Kirkwells Planning Consultants: Members considered the service offer from Kirkwells and RESOLVED to access the full level of service.
3.2 Notes of the NP Steering Group meetings were not available.

4. OPEN SESSION: Brief verbal reports were received from:

4.1 West Mercia Police Officer – Neil James gave a brief update on policing matters, including:
4.1.1 Erratic driving by a couple in separate cars on 30th November.
4.1.2 Car driver performing a lewd act whilst driving on 2nd November.
4.1.3 Log splitter stolen from Whitehall Farm.
4.1.4 Proposed new format for local newsletters which was less detailed than before. HALC would be taking this up with the Superintendent because it was felt that parish councillors and local residents could be of more assistance to the Police when in possession of as much information as possible.
4.2 Ward Councillor – John Hardwick reported:
4.2.1 Budget discussions were underway, following a consultation before Christmas.
4.2.2 A 1.9% increase in council tax was likely.
4.2.3 Discussion would take place next Friday and a budget would be set by 10th March.
4.3 Chairman – Norman White had no matters on which to report.
4.4 Local residents raised the following matters:
4.4.1 Litter had been deposited by the gas station.
4.4.2 There was a pothole just before the turn to Whitehall Farm.
4.4.3 Water (possibly from a spring) was continually across the road by Field Farm.

5. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETINGS – 28.11.13. & Ext. 11.1.14.

5.1 It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 28th November, subject to the following amendment:
5.1.1 Minute no: 4.22 to read: 6,500 potholes had been reported and 3000 had already been repaired.
5.2 It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes of the Extraordinary meeting held on 11th January 2014.


6.1 Update on Appeal re Judicial Review decision: There was no news as yet.
6.2 Members commented upon the following applications which were to be determined by Herefordshire Council:
6.2.1 Carmel – Rectory Road: General maintenance to various trees. It was RESOLVED to support the application.
6.2.2 App. No: P132556/F – Crabtree Hall: Extension to existing property & the replacement of existing garage with new garage & home office: It was RESOLVED to support the application.
6.2.3 App. No: P133350/FH – 366 Ledbury Road: Proposed two storey extension: It was RESOLVED to support the application.
6.2.4 App. No: 132711/F – Land adjacent to 8 Holwell Gutter Lane: Proposed construction of two dwellings on plots 4 & 5: It was RESOLVED to support the application.
6.2.5 App.No: P140031/F – Tupsley House, Ledbury Road – Removal of condition 7 of S122317/F: It was RESOLVED to oppose the application because the condition had been imposed as part of the planning permission and members could see no change in circumstances to warrant its removal.
6.3 Allocation of Section 106 monies re development of 120 houses: It was RESOLVED to request the following, should the application be approved:
6.3.1 Attenuation pond in the PC orchard.
6.3.2 Dew ponds & ditch clearance
6.3.3 Ditches cleared out in Daggy Powell’s Lane.
6.3.4 Soil testing.
It was noted that Herefordshire Council had appointed a Landscape Consultant who had expressed negative views on the application.


7.1 Report of Finance Working Group on Precept for 2014/15: The Chairman outlined the proposals of the recent working group meeting which had discussed two possible Precept requests:
7.1.1 £10k if the request for permission to appeal against the judicial review decision was unsuccessful.
7.1.2 £17k if the request to appeal was granted.
7.1.3 The Clerk was given delegated authority to submit the appropriate Precept amount, subject to the imminent decision of the Appeal Court Judge.
7.1.4 It was noted that savings had been made against normal year to year expenditure as well as increasing the Precept for the successful option.
7.2 HALC invoice for posters, copying & training: £164.40 + VAT: Members RESOLVED to pay the invoice.

8. FOOTPATHS – P3 Scheme

8.1 In the absence of the Footpaths Officer, Mrs Kerr read his report.
8.2 A delegated powers payment for the installation of two gates by the Can do Crew for the sum of £232 was endorsed.

9. WEBSITE – It was hoped that the Website Manager would be able to implement some of the changes in the near future.


10.1 Members discussed future action in relation to the outstanding monies was from one resident. Pending the outcome of a personal visit, court action would be pursued.


11.1 The purchase of a double set of drainage rods (approximately £20) was authorised.


12.1 It was RESOLVED to pay for a grass cut by JR Barrell in the sum of £50 + VAT.

13. PLAY AREA: Nothing to report.

14. ITEMS OF INFORMATION were noted.


15.1 Outcome of request to appeal against judicial review decision.
15.2 Possible excavation of orchard to create a dry pond for water coming off the road.

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