Minutes Thursday 25th September 2008

Hampton Bishop Parish Council

Minutes of a Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 25th September at 7.45 pm in the Village Hall

Parish Councillors:- N White (Chairman)
Dennis Daffurn, Steve Hunt, Amy Imhof, Geoff Martin, Julia Pearson.

Parish Clerk:- Lynda P Wilcox
Members of Public:- 6
West Mercia Police – PC Neil James

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE accepted from:-
Phil Rogers. Herefordshire Councillor – Jose Pemberton.

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – none declared.

Agreed and signed as a true record, by the Chairman.


4.1 Sewage Treatment Works – Query from local resident re:-
4.1.1 Possibility of bund around works, to prevent future flooding.
4.1.2 Possibility of raising warning light, so as to more visible.
4.1.3 Possibility of audio alarm.
RESOLVED:- To place matters on next agenda, for discussion.

5. BRIEF VERBAL REPORTS received from:-

5.1 Herefordshire Council – Cllr Mrs Pemberton not present.
5.2 West Mercia Police – PC James reported:-
5.2.1 Thefts of mowers and strimmers.
5.2.2 Damage to vehicle (offside passenger window) in Rectory Lane.
5.2.3 Damage to tractor at Court Farm.
5.2.4 Absence of local residents at recent PACT meeting. Next meeting
4.11.08. Noted … Box for information to Police, now erected at
Bunch of Carrots bus stop. Reporting leaflets available from
Village Hall and pub.
5.2.5 Two road accidents in village. A local resident queried the
absence of warning blue/hazard lights on police vehicle attending
accident by layby.
The meeting completed the crime & disorder survey.
5.3 Footpaths’ Officer – Eddie Luxton

Mr Luxton gave a report on several outstanding matters relating to
footpaths. RESOLVED:- Parish Councillors to walk some of the
problem areas on Sunday 26th October, prior to a further report being
submitted to Herefordshire Council.


6.1 A Parish Meeting to receive the Environment Agency’s consultant’s report, was scheduled for the following day – 26.9.08.
6.2 Members noted the data sheet from Herefordshire Council, requesting information on flooding. RESOLVED:- Clerk to complete, in accordance with previous data collected by parishioners.


7.1 Noted:- receipt of second half of Precept – £2,500.00.
7.2 09/10 Precept. RESOLVED:- To consider Finance Group recommendations and set Precept at November meeting.
7.3 Policy for donations – RESOLVED:- Clerk to note all requests from non parish bodies, on the Information Sheet. Applications which might be considered for a donation would be placed on the next agenda for consideration. Donations to bodies outside the parish were unlikely, unless of specific benefit to parishioners.


8.1 Application for comment by Parish Council
DCCE2008/2214/F2 … Highfield House – Hampton Bishop.
Single storey rear extension to form breakfast area, second bedroom & en suite bathroom.
RESOLVED:- To support, despite retrospective nature of application.
8.2 Planning permissions granted by Herefordshire Council
8.2.1 … DCCE2008/1673/F … Field Farm House Residential Home
Amendments to approved planning application – DCCE2006/0633/F.
Increased roof height to accommodate stairs & lift & changes to fenestration.
8.2.2 … DCCE2008/1676/F … Minstrel Court – Hampton Bishop
To change the use of existing garages to a Beauty Salon and to brick up the frontage with stone where the original wooden doors were – retrospective.
8.3 Tree work in Conservation Area
Noted:- Felling of 25 Conifers forming a hedge.

RESOLVED:- To pay for 3 x £25 grass-cuts – £75.00 (M Dyer) part inv.80,92 & 3.

10. PARISH LAND – RESOLVED:- To pay for 10.1 – 10.3.

10.1 One x strim of orchard – £19 (M Dyer) part invoice 92.
10.2 Tree work in orchard – £60 (M Dyer) part invoice74.
10.3 Main cut of orchard – part invoice 657 – £50 (RJ Barrell)
10.4 Planting of a Rowan Tree in memory of Paddy Hughes
The Parish Council supported a request by local residents to plant and
upkeep a tree on land around the Village Hall, leased to the Villagers’
Association. RESOLVED:- To pass item on to Villagers’ Association
for their consideration.

11. VILLAGERS’ ASSOCIATION – RESOLVED:- To pay 11.1 & 11.2.

11.1 Grass-cutting of hall land:-R J Barrell £150 inv. 657
11.2 Roadside spraying from notice-board to hall £30 inv.74.
11.3 Options from joint meeting with Villagers’ Association
The original concept of the Parish Council taking back the land currently
leased to the Villagers’ Association, leaving the hall building as the sole
responsibility of the Villagers’ Association, had met with legal difficulties
relating to charitable bodies.
The second option of the Parish Council taking on the maintenance of
the Hall grassed area, had met with insurance difficulties.
Following discussion, it was RESOLVED:-
11.3.1 The Villagers’ Association resume their responsibility (under the
current lease) for grass-cutting of land leased to them by the Parish
Council, from 2009.
11.3.2 The Parish Council consider a donation towards Hall grass-
Cutting during 2009, subject to a request from the Villagers’ Association
and sight of their accounts/current financial situation.
11.3.3 NALC be requested to look into all aspects of a new lease.

12. LENGTHSMAN PROJECT – M Dyer RESOLVED:- To pay 12.1 & 12.2.

12.1 Part invoice (92) – bus stops £14 & layby £18.00.
12.2 Invoice (95) ditching (Whitehall Rd. & Church Lane) £171.
12.3 Noted:- New Co-ordinator for scheme – Michelle Morgan.
12.4 Satisfaction questionnaire completed for return by Clerk.

13. SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT – RESOLVED:- To pay 12.1 & 12.2.

13.1 Emptying of septic tank – £185.00 – Greenapple
13.2 Electricity supply – £40.18 – npower.

In identifying work under the Herefordshire Council Parish Initiative for road works, it was noted that the next visit to the parish would be in December. Whilst the patching by Welsh Water, following their road work in the parish, might patch some current potholes, it was RESOLVED:- To request resurfacing of the loop road, as soon as possible, with large potholes at entrance to Daggy Powell’s Lane, being repaired as a matter of urgency.


15.1 Parish Plan Working Group
Noted:- Next meeting scheduled for 3rd November.
15.2 Parish WebsiteFollowing discussion re search for Website manager, it was RESOLVED:- That the Clerk explore the possibility of HALC website manager taking on the role, possibly for a small fee.

Members noted the Information Sheet.


17.1 Speed of traffic – request Herefordshire Council Cabinet Member for Highways & Transportation, to attend November meeting, to discuss:-
17.1.1 blanket speed reduction area from Franchistone to Mordiford
17.1.2 Road works following Welsh Water works.
17.1.3 Presence of ragwort on roadside verges.
17.1.4 Safety surfacing at Bunch of Carrots.
17.2 Parish land maintenance – new hedgerow.
17.3 Hire of Village Hall – payment of invoice for 2008.

SIGNED ……………………………………… DATE ………………………………