Minutes 31st March 2016

Minutes of a scheduled meeting of the Parish Council held on
Thursday 31st March 2016 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall

Norman White (Chairman), Mark Frankland, Steve Hunt, Barbara Kerr, George Kerr, Jamie Rogers.
In attendance: Parish Clerk … Lynda Wilcox. 3 local residents.

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE were accepted from:
Councillor Julia Pearson and Ward Councillor John Hardwick.


3. OPEN SESSION: Brief verbal reports were received from:

3.1 Ward Councillor … John Hardwick – not present.
3.2 Chairman’s report:
3.2.1 The previously mentioned diseased (honey mould) Chestnut tree at the rear of Church Villa, was to be cut down by Western Power, along with other trees/branches on parish council land which were interfering with overhead power lines. Steve Hunt had spoken with a representative from Western Power. It was agreed that felled timber would be left on site for use by local residents.
3.2.2 Fibre was about to be installed in the village which would speed up Broadband.
3.2.3 The works behind the hedge near the electricity sub-station on the B4224, were to install a pipe to carry gas from the bio-digester at Court Farm to the sewage works.
3.2.4 Hereford City Councillor, Jim Kenyon, had approached the Chairman about the possibility of a road bridge over the River Wye to Rotherwas. It was RESOLVED that the Hereford City Clerk should contact the PC Clerk to arrange for a presentation to the PC, possibly at a Parish Meeting, so that residents could hear the proposals.
3.3 Views of local residents on parish matters:
3.3.1 A local resident raised concerns about possible future flooding and preventative action which might be undertaken by the PC. The Chairman and other councillors outlined ongoing PC action which had included major ditch clearance, a specialist flooding report, High Court action against development which could exacerbate flooding, meetings with the Environment Agency (EA) when a pump at Mordiford Bridge was requested.
3.3.2 There was discussion on the possibilities of the PC adding to anticipated section 106 monies by partially funding such a pump as well as raising funds by ‘crowd funding.
3.3.3 It was RESOLVED that Jamie Rogers would discuss flood prevention options with his contact at the EA.

The minutes were adopted as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


5.1 It was RESOLVED to pay Herefordshire Council’s invoice for running the uncontested election in 2015 … £50.30.
5.2 External audit arrangements for 2016/16 from Grant Thornton, were noted.
5.3 It was RESOLVED to pay Door Master £1200 + £240 VAT for fitting a new door on the storage shed.
5.4 The precept amount per Band D property for 2016/17 was noted as £49.59.
5.5 It was RESOLVED to pay Folbigg’s invoice for re-siting the noticeboard seat at a cost of £58 + £11.60 VAT.
5.6 It was RESOLVED to pay advance hall hire charges for 2016 in the sum of £72 plus 2 x NP meetings at a cost of £16, making a total of £88.


6.1 Following consideration, it was RESOLVED to support the provision of street lighting at the Perrystone Lane (Tupsley) development.
6.2 It was RESOLVED to support the following planning applications:
6.2.1 The Haven App 160716 Reduction in the height of two Conifer trees.
6.2.2 Hampton House Cottage App 160862 Fell 1 Conifer & 4x Sycamore trees.
6.3 The following permitted works to trees within a conservation area, were noted:
6.3.1. Bunch of Carrots: App 153332 Reduction of two Weeping Willows.
6.3.2. 22 Copsewood Drive: App 160354 Reduce crown of 1 x Oak tree.
6.3.3. Foxwhelp House, 5 The Orchards: App 153318 To fell 7 Pine Spruce trees.
6.3.4. The Gables and adjacent field: App 153529 Works to various trees.


7.1 The Chairman reported on meetings held on 3rd and 17th March.
7.1.1 Members considered the following documents and would submit any further comments to a meeting of the NP Working Group scheduled for 7pm on Wednesday 13th April, subject to hall availability.
a) Draft Development Plan – Spring 2016 version.
b) Strategic Environmental Assessment – October 2014 version.
c) Planning Policy Assessment and Evidence Base Review.
7.1.2 Members RESOLVED to prepare the following draft documents for the next NP meeting:
d) Local Character Assessment.
e) Local Green Spaces.
7.1.3 In line with advice from Kirkwells, it was RESOLVED that the draft settlement boundary would be tightened up at the next NP meeting in April.
7.2 It was RESOLVED to pay an invoice for copying from HALC, for £5.25 plus £1.05 VAT.

8. FOOTPATHS: The Footpaths Officer gave a report, including:

8.1 A new metal pedestrian gate at HB12, supplied and fitted by Balfour Beatty.

9. POND: It was RESOLVED to postpone consideration of possible works to a future meeting.

10. SIGNAGE: Members considered signage around the parish and RESOLVED to:

10.1 Remind Herefordshire Council of the need to replace signs at Rectory & Whitehall Roads.
10.2 The Footpaths Officer would provide costings for plaques “Funded by Hampton Bishop Parish Council www.hamptonbishop.gov.uk “to be affixed at entrances to footpaths where work had been carried out.
10.3 Consideration would also be given to placing plaques on items such as the new notice-board.

11. INFORMATION ITEMS: Leaflets on Glasdon street furniture and Wicksteed Play Equipment.


12.1 Plaques for footpaths and street furniture provided by Parish Council.
12.2 Consideration of contractor for grass-cutting.
12.3 Exterior light for garage.
To note remaining meeting dates 2016: 28.7.16. 29.9.16. 24.11.16.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 10.10 pm