Minutes 26th March 2015

HAMPTON BISHOP PARISH COUNCIL Minutes of a Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 26th March 2015 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE were accepted from Barbara Kerr.

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST & written dispensation requests: There were none.

3.1 Ward Councillor … John Hardwick reported:
3.1.1 Herefordshire Council had voted for a 1.9% increase on Council Tax.
3.1.2 The Locality Steward was not sure when or if the ditches and the pumping station would receive attention. It was possible that the latter could be funded from Section 106 monies from the Rugby Club application.
3.1.3 In response to a rumour that the rugby pitch might not be built but the 190 houses enabling it would still go ahead, John Hardwick confirmed that the Section 106 agreement ties Bloor Homes into building the rugby club as part of the planning application.
3.1.4 There was no further news on the Court Farm planning application.
3.1.5 John Hardwick commented that he had enjoyed working with the parish council over the four years of his current term of office and confirmed that he would be standing in the forthcoming elections. He pointed out that the Ward boundaries had changed and Hampton Bishop would be grouped with different parish councils in the new Ward for which he was standing.
3.2 Chairman … Norman White reported:
3.2.1 Rubbish had again accumulated at the Gas Board pull in but a local resident (Mary Ann Robinson) had taken the initiative to bag up the rubbish for collection by Herefordshire Council. The clerk would send a letter of thanks.
3.2.2 Peter Caton was thanked for lopping the cherry tree in the parish orchard.
3.2.3 Two new walnut trees had been planted in the orchard.
3.2.4 The residue lodged under the hump backed bridge by recent floods had been removed by the Environment Agency.
3.3 Local residents raised the following parish matters:
3.3.1 A local resident had fallen on the uneven road by the bus shelter at the Bunch of Carrots.
3.3.2 Local volunteers had been collecting rubbish near Mordiford Bridge.

The minutes were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

5.1 The requirement to refund £300 underspend on the £7k grant received earlier in the year was acknowledged and it was RESOLVED to send a cheque to the funders.
5.2 It was RESOLVED that a further grant be applied for under the new grant scheme, if required, once the NP Steering Group had resumed its meetings after the elections and considered its funding requirements.

6.1 It was RESOLVED that Folbigg Fabrications would seek two quotations for new roller doors for the storage shed in time for the next meeting.
6.2 Noted: Receipt of 2014/15audit papers from Grant Thornton.
6.3 It was RESOLVED to pay Herefordshire Council’s invoice for paper planning applications from 1.4-31.10.14 in the sum of £24.00.

6.4 Three quotations for rebuilding the demolished noticeboard had been received and would be sent to the insurers for their consideration. The one from EnviroAbility in the sum of £1090 was favoured and was also the most reasonable.

7.1 Core Strategy … Members were informed of the major and minor modifications arising from the recent Inquiry and were asked to contact the clerk with any comments.
7.2 Works to trees in a Conservation Area. It was RESOLVED to support the following:
7.2.1 The Studdies-Rectory Road. App. No: 150637 … To fell Willow-Salix tree.
7.2.2 Orchard House-1 The Orchards. App. No: 150732 … Fell Sycamore to ground level.
7.3 The following planning permission was noted:
Land West of Holywell Gutter Lane. App. No: 143189. Proposed erection of 10 no. dwellings & associated hard & soft landscaping.

8. FOOTPATHS – P3 Scheme:
8.1 It was RESOLVED to pay Enviroability for the erection of a self-closing gate on HB9 at a cost of £109.
8.2 Members considered joining the new P3 scheme for 2015/16 and RESOLVED not to join at the present time but to reconsider the situation later in the year.

9.1 Members considered joining the new Lengthsman Scheme for 2015/16 and RESOLVED not to join at the present time but to reconsider the situation later in the year.
9.2 Members considered the appointment of a new Lengthsman but, in the light of the above decision, RESOLVED to engage local contractors on an ad hoc basis instead. The clerk would set up a meeting with one such contractor who had approached the parish council.

10.1 Noted: A new volunteer, Michelle Storrer, had offered to undertake weekly inspections of the play area on behalf of the Parish Council. Outgoing volunteer, Howard Townson, was thanked for his efforts over the years.
10.2 Members considered the mole invasion of the play area and RESOLVED that the clerk would liaise with the Village Hall to engage a suitable local contractor to deal with the problem.
10.3 Recent tree works undertaken by Western Power and authorised by clerk, were welcomed.

11.1 Election information for May 7th 2015 was given out by the clerk.

12.1 Repairs to sign near church.
12.2 Quotations for new door to the storage shed.
12.3 Quotations for two new benches in the play area.
12.4 Consideration of grass-cutting grant for Villagers Association.

NOTED: The Annual Parish Meeting would be held immediately prior to the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council at 7.00 pm on 13th May.