Minutes 26th January 2017

Minutes of a Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 26th January 2017 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall

Councillors: Steve Hunt (Chairman), Mark Frankland, Jamie Rogers.
Clerk to the Council … Lynda Wilcox Ward Councillor … John Hardwick 8 local residents.

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE were accepted from Councillors:

1.1 Barbara Kerr, George Kerr, Julia Pearson, Norman White.


2.1 Agenda Item 9.5 As all parish councillors lived within the parish, it was RESOLVED that they should all be given dispensations to discuss the parish precept for this meeting and all further meetings at which the precept is discussed until the end of their current 4-year period of office or their cessation to be a parish councillor.


3.1 Ward Councillor – John Hardwick reported:
3.1.1 Rugby Club planning application …on-going discussion between Herefordshire Council and the planning applicant. No reserved matters application on the table for discussion as yet – time was running out for the original application to proceed.
3.1.2 A 3.9% increase in council tax which was likely to be repeated for the next 2 years.
3.2 Chairman – Steve Hunt reported:
3.2.1 The Chairman and Jamie Rogers had met with a representative from the Environment Agency to discuss self-help measures for the parish, include a possible pumping station near Mordiford Bridge.
3.2.2 The Environment Agency were cutting down some trees along the stank.
3.3 Local residents … No matters were raised by local residents.


4.1 It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes of the previous meeting which were signed by the Chairman.


5.1 Members considered the retention of two additional website domain names at a cost of £40 p.a. and RESOLVED to let them lapse.
5.2 It was RESOLVED pay HALC’s invoice for hosting the parish council’s ‘.gov’ website between May 16 to April 17 in the sum of £58+VAT.
5.3 It was RESOLVED to pay HALC’s invoice for photocopying in the sum of £10.40 + VAT.
5.4 A delegated powers payment to Autela for quarterly payroll services in the sum of £30 was endorsed.
5.5 A delegated powers payment to HMRC re PAYE in the sum of £133.80 was endorsed.
5.6 A delegated powers payment of £110.50 to the village contractor was endorsed.
5.7 It was RESOLVED to pay the annual fee of £35 to the Information Commissioner re data protection.
5.8 It was RESOLVED to discuss the cost and timeframe for outstanding ditch work at the next meeting.
5.9 Members considered the draft budget figures prepared by the Finance Working Group and it was RESOLVED to set a precept of £10k for the financial year 2017/18.


6.1 Following consideration it was RESOLVED to appoint Autela as the parish council’s Auto Enrolment Administrator for a fee of £30.
6.2 The clerk outlined the parish council’s pension responsibility as an employer and members assessed the impact of their business processes.

7. PLANNING … It was RESOLVED to support the following two planning applications for determination by Herefordshire Council:

7.1 App 163392 – Wye Bank – Extension of drop kerbs by approximately 8 linear metres to improve safety of entering & exiting of property & renewal drive entrance surface.
7.2 App 164079 – Lower House Farm – Return former farmhouse to use as a dwellinghouse.
7.3 Proposed works to various trees in a Conservation Area – Old Rectory – were noted.
7.4 Members considered the current cost of purchasing and hiring SIDs (Speed Indicator Devices and it was RESOLVED to ask Herefordshire Council to identify all possible sites for a SID on the B4224 from the Hereford boundary to Mordiford Bridge together with their four preferred sites.


8.1 Following discussion it was RESOLVED not to pursue a costly request for a TRO (Traffic Regulation Order) which might deliver within a short timescale because the parish council’s original request of many years’ ago, was steadily climbing to the top of Balfour Beatty’s work schedule.
8.2 In response to neighbouring PC – Dormington & Mordiford’s request for roadside ‘village gates’ to encourage slower speeds on the Hampton Bishop side of Mordiford Bridge, it was RESOLVED to support the initiative subject to seeing the proposed location and design of the gates.


9.1 The clerk reported that Herefordshire Council was compiling the required reports to enable Regulation 14 to commence. The clerk was authorised to call a Steering Group meeting as soon as the reports were available for consideration.


10.1 Remedial works were required to some play equipment, including new wood for the climbing frame and it was therefore RESOLVED to ask Folbigg to carry out necessary repairs as soon as possible.
10.2 It was suggested that replacement seats within the play area should be discussed at the next meeting.


11.1 Members RESOLVED to raise the future of the orchard with local residents at the Annual Parish Meeting and hear their view.
11.2 It was RESOLVED to purchase a new padlock and chain for the gate at a cost around £30.
11.3 It was RESOLVED to accept the helpful offer of a local resident to prune some of the apple trees.

12. FOOTPATHS … It was considered that all paths were fine.


13.1 New seats for play area.
13.2 Ditching programme for 2017/18.
13.3 Feasibility of a Pumping Station.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.15 pm