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  1. When will the outstanding drainage ditch work and excavation work on the land to the rear of Rectory Road, be carried out?

  2. I think Hampton Bishop is such a beautiful village and should remain unspoilt, I am very concerned to hear that the Hereford City council headed by Jim Kenyon are planning to put the Eastern Bridge in Hamton Bishop.

    According to a Study by Amey and backed up by a further study by Pasrsons Brinkeroff they found the following.

    Amey Consultants study on this route recorded the following

    The Eastern Link would have a major adverse traffic impact upon Lugwardine, Bartestree and low standard links between the Ledbury Road and the Worcester Road, it would cause considerable traffic related problems in the areas of east Hereford, Lugwardine and Bartestree. The construction of an Eastern Link between B4399 Rotherwas Industrial Estate and A438 Ledbury Road in addition to the prohibitive traffic impacts, there are environmental impacts upon local residents from increased noise and vibration and reduced air quality. All routes will have a major adverse impact upon the setting of the Scheduled Ancient Monument and associated buildings at the Rotherwas Chapel. These environmental impacts further reinforce the recommendation not to pursue these links. Due to the extent of floodplain and associated impacts on the groundwater regime and ecologically designated sites, crosses a large area of floodplain and flood risk assessments and compensation flood relief measures will be required. Risk of highway injury collisions through the villages, on the links between A438 and A4103 and at the junctions would be expected to increase as usage increases and modifications to the highways and junctions will become necessary, increased traffic flows will deter non-motorised users. Not sure if he read the above. All other Parish Councils on the West are against the road in or near their Parish, as the wind predominately blows west to east, this will drive pollution to Hampton Bishop, along with Road Noise and Many more cars as the ledbury and Hampton Park roads will quickly become congested.

    Hopefully you will be objecting to this crazy scheme.


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