Response to consultation on 2013 draft Core Strategy

Response to consultation on 2013 draft Core Strategy

Page 33-environmental quality objectives
HBPC endorses the objectives, in particular ensuring that development does not increase flood risk to new or existing properties (objective 11),and safeguarding the County’s environment (objective 12), but does not believe that the core strategy properly reflects these objectives. See further comments below.

Page 58-SS6-climate change
HBPC believes that the final “strategic measure” [“protecting the best agricultural land where possible”] should be amended to read “protecting agricultural land”, because:

a) Nowhere is there any definition of “the best agricultural land”; and
b) In the present context-climate change-all agricultural land has significant value.

Page 139-RA1-rural housing strategy
Hampton Bishop has been included in the list of villages identified as the focus of proportionate housing development and will therefore include in its forthcoming Neighbourhood Plan proposals to implement this policy, subject to:

1. Environmental constraints, including the fact that most of the village lies within flood zones 2 or 3.
2. Policy SD4-wastewater treatment and river water quality.
3. The conditions set out in RA2 (page 144) which HBPC fully supports.

Page 146-RA3-Herefordshire’s countryside
Criterion 6 seems misconceived in that it appears to contemplate development in any rural location if it is thought to be “of exceptional quality and innovative design……”.This surely cannot be the intention and HBPC suggests that each of the first 5 criteria should be subject to criteria 6-i.e.the residential development should meet one or more of criteria 1-5 and also criterion 6.This could easily be achieved by:

1. Replacing “or” at the end of criterion 5 with “and”.
2. Deleting the words “one or more of” in the first paragraph of RA3.

Page 196-LD1-LD5
These policies provide insufficient protection for local landscapes and should be redrafted to make it clear that development which would cause significant damage to local landscapes will not be permitted.

20th April 2013.